Cucumber Sorting Machine

Cucumbers are a very popular vegetable in many countries. It can help people keep healthy. Cucumbers are fat free, cholesterol free, sodium free and low in calories. Diets low in fat sodium may help people reduce the risk of some cancers and high pressure.


According to the news on the Fresh Plaza, we find that the supply of cucumbers in the Italian market is still short. Besides, the cost of planting cucumbers is rising. The phenomenon of the cost rising also happens in North America and Spain.


Some farmers offset the rising cost by sorting cucumbers to get more profits. Zhengzhou First Industry Co., Ltd has specialized in this field of fruits and vegetables sorting machines for many years. We produce cucumber sorting machines to help people sort cucumbers. Our machine can sort cucumbers into 6 grades according to their diameters.

 images/1660118793089Cucumber sorter.jpg

Please contact us if you need a cucumber grading machine.