More people sort vegetables with a machine

Recently, I learned that the sorting cost of potatoes is about $20 per ton in Indonesia. The cost is high, but sorting potatoes with a machine can save a lot. We received a consultation on the bell pepper grading machine. The sorting cost is increasing with higher cost. The higher salary is the reason why our customers are looking for a sorting machine.

 images/1670829000319pepper sorting machine.jpg

Our customers really have high-quality bell peppers. His products look nice. By sorting bell peppers, our customer can earn more benefits on the market and at the same time decrease the cost of labour.

 images/1670829017359vegetable grading machine.jpg

We produce the adjustable grading machine which can be used to sort different products. It is a good choice for customers who want to sort different vegetables. The sorting range can be 25mm to 125mm. If you are also looking for a vegetable sorting machine, please contact us.