Uninvited Guest On A Small Island In The South Pacific-Citrus Grader

At the other end of the earth, New Caledonia, located on the beautiful island country adjacent to eastern Australia in the southern hemisphere, is rich in a kind of delicious and fertile citrus. As you can see, it has the size of an ugly orange, but the skin is relatively thick. For this reason, many local growers still feel overwhelmed by the handling of such citrus.


The roller-type citrus grader produced by our Volt has quietly visited the citrus plantation in Noumea twice this year as an "uninvited guest". In addition to the unique geographical environment of the local area, the appropriate temperature determines the following requirements of the citrus customers for the initial orange sorting equipment: the effect of natural cold air drying is completely ignored. 


This equipment to a large extent takes into account the gap between the tubes of the end roller classifier that the customer is worried about: pour the big citrus into the hoist part in batches for automatic pouring and then pass the brush spray part for the first time after cleaning, the sorting requirements of customers can be met.