Kiwi fruit taste can be enhanced

For kiwi fruit, how to transport the fruit when it is hard, reduce the loss, sell it when the fruit is soft, and improve the taste, which has always been a great challenge, and also a great test of the supply chain .So it's important to sort kiwifruit quickly after it's been picked.


Kiwi fruit is generally sorted by weight grading machine. Kiwi sorting machine produced by our company is very efficient and no damage to fruits. We guarantee the utmost dedication and professionalism at every stage of the production chain.


It's also important for kiwi ripening. By accelerating ripening to reduce the hardness of early fruits, consumers can get better edible quality, Generally, heating, ethylene and other means are used for ripening. After ripening, kiwi fruit will be sacrificed in terms of shelf life and loss, but the palatability of the product has been improved, the collision between sweet and sour is more intense, and the taste level is richer.