How to sort apples

Apple is a kind of popular fruit in our lives. It is gradually more important nowadays to grade apples due to the intense competitive environment. Recently we received a consultation on apple graders. It is tough to handle apples because they can bruise very easily. Then, which machine is the optimal apple sorting equipment to handle them with care of the roller grader or the weight sorting machine?

 images/1650009100836electronic sorting machine.jpg

On April 13, a customer consulted the apple sorting equipment. He wanted a roller sorter which sorts fruits by increasing the gap between the rollers gradually over the different grading phases. The kind of sorter can be used to sort dates, potatoes, sweet potatoes, lemon and oranges. I recommended him the most popular product in our company--the rotary weight sorter. Fruits which bruise easily, like apples, pears, kiwis, peaches, and avocados, are always sorted by weight. This machine is especially suitable for customers who don’t need a huge capacity and many exits.


This machine consists of an elevator, the v-shape transportation belt, the main electronic sorter unit and the control panel. Compared with the roller sorter, it can decrease the damage on apples. Compared with our electronic weight sorter, the rotary is cheaper, space-saving and easy to install.