High Quality FstSort Peach Sorting Grader

Peach is famous for its succulent meat, rich flavor and mellow taste, fresh and sweet, and its taste is tender and smooth. After picking peach size is uneven, the market value wants to want to increase, must carry on sorting and grading to peach, carry on packaging sale.Traditional manual sorting not only takes time and effort, but also damages the peel easily due to uneven fruit sorting.

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FstSort peach fruit picking machine, completely solve the drawbacks of human labor fruit, please learn the product characteristics of peach fruit picking machine:

Peach fruit machine adopts the principle of balance and lever, according to the weight sorting way can be peach sorting for nine grades, and widely used forvarious fruit like apple,avocados,pear,citrus,passion fruit,ect.

Our company according to years of fruit grading size experience and customer feedback, suggestions to improve, perfect, reasonable model design, fruit selection speed, low mechanical damage rate of fruit; small weighing error, high accuracy, weight classification performance to meet the market requirements, can fully meet the fruit farmers, fruit and vegetable production and processing industry, trading companies export fruit production and processing needs.

The FstSort machine has strong mobility, which can be used in the selection field, or placed in the fruit and vegetable processing plant or orchard for fruit classification, reducing the damage caused by the handling of fruit, and improving the commodity rate.