How to get high quality nectarines

The weighing type fruit grading machine adopts the principle of balance and lever. It uses the weight of the container and the set weight of the weight to achieve the grading of the selected weight by displacement and measurement during swimming. In the automatic transmission, various fruits and vegetables that need to be classified are weighed and sorted quickly and correctly. It not only weighs accurately and accurately, but also has the advantages of no damage to the fruit, high efficiency, easy operation, and wide range of use.


Scope of application: This production line is suitable for dragon fruit, apple, orange, peach, apricot, pear, pomelo, lemon, kiwi, pomegranate and other fruits.

Supply dragon fruit classifier, fruit weight classifier, fruit sorting equipment product features: The weight classifier not only guarantees the accuracy of the product weight, reduces the production waste caused by the weight exceeding the standard value, but also improves the trust of the product among customers, realizes zero complaints about the product weight from customers, and enables enterprises to produce The efficiency is greatly improved.