Automatic kiwi classifier

Kiwi planting conditions are relatively strict, due to its large dense leaves, tender branches easy to fold, poor wind resistance, once the fruit friction damage or shake off, will greatly reduce kiwi output and value. Therefore, the planting cost of kiwifruit is higher than that of other fruits. In order to realize the maximization of kiwifruit benefits, the post-harvest processing cost of kiwifruit needs to be reduced.


At present, according to the market demand, kiwi fruit sorting mainly focuses on size and weight, simple manual sorting, high labor cost, long time, affecting shelf life. Convenient and efficient automatic sorting equipment will be an important helper to maximize the benefits of kiwi fruit.


The kiwi fruit classifier produced by first industry can be used for sorting according to the weight of kiwi fruit. The sorting accuracy is within 2G, and the sorting efficiency is very high, with 25000 kiwifruit per hour. This weight classifier can be used not only for kiwi fruit sorting, but also for other fruits, such as apple, peach, orange, tomato, avocado, passion fruit, etc. It's a real multi-purpose machine.