Tomato Sorting Machine Manufacturer

As a tomato sorting machine manufacturer, we can not only provide basic tomato sorting machine with feeding hopper elevator part as well as drum size sorting part for you, but also add further necessary functions such as washing and drying parts on tomato sorting machine. It can be taken for granted that we tomato sorting machine manufacturer are the carrier from tomato growing plants to tomatoes packing house.


From Original Tomatoes Washing Drying and Sizing

Labors picked up fresh tomatoes from tomatoes plants to their own workshops for washing cleaning as below, which is the necessary step for storing and selling. As a tomato sorting machine manufacturer, we have been innovated and upgraded semi-automatic and automatic weighing packing system on the basis of feeding hopper as well as washing drying and sizing processing parts.


While there is an essential procedure after washing is natural air fans drying process for final packing needs. Pls looking forward to cooperating with tomato sorting machine manufacturer right now even in the future.