Maximizing Yield During Dragon Fruit Season

As the dragon fruit season approaches, farmers are gearing up for a busy time ahead. At Fstsort, we understand the challenges of efficiently sorting and packaging dragon fruits to meet market demands. That's why our dragon fruit grading machines are here to help.


Our dragon fruit processing line comprises elevators, cleaning systems, air-drying machines, and grading and packing machines. Our weight trays are suitable for many different types of dragon fruit varieties, and the weight range you want to sort can be controlled by computer. For example, Colombian and Thai dragon fruit customers recently asked us about the price of the machine. They mainly want to quickly sort dragon fruit between 300-500g for sale in local large supermarkets.

 images/1714114427932dragon fruit washing sorting machine.jpg

Fstsort processing machines are designed to quickly and accurately sort dragon fruits by weight, ensuring consistent sizing and excellent appearance. With our technology, you can guarantee that only the highest-quality fruits make it to market, commanding top prices and maximizing profits.


Don't let the hustle and bustle of the season overwhelm you. Contact us today to learn how our sorting machines can streamline your operations and help you achieve success during the dragon fruit season!