The Cherry Tomato Grader Is Being Packed

Cherry tomatoes, both vegetables and fruits, not only bright color, beautiful shape, and taste palatable, rich in nutrition. Fruit bright, red, yellow, green and other fruit color, fruit weight is generally 10 ~ 30 grams, the main round spherical fruit; Fruit about 1 ~ 3 cm in diameter.


The cherry tomatoes picking season is just around the corner, and growers are buying machines. Recently, our company sold a cherry tomato sorting machine, and the delivery man was packing it up for transportation. As shown below:


images/1650441908492Cherry tomatoes grading machine.jpg

The FstSort cherry tomatoe grader is composed of elevator and sorter, the structure of the equipment is reasonable, each part is well connected, to avoid the damage to cherry tomatoes skin to the maximum. Stable and reliable, accurate classificationgreatly replace labor, save cost and time.


If you are also interested in FstSort classifier, please contact us. We can customize the most suitable grader for you according to your specific needs. If you need other functions, we have professional engineers can design for you.