Sweet Potato automatic packing line

First industry recently developed and produced a new type of sweet potato automatic packaging line. This sweet potato sorting and packaging line is mainly used for cleaning, drying, grading and packaging of fresh sweet potatoes.

sweet potatoes

Normally, sweet potatoes harvested fresh from the ground are muddy and cannot be sold directly. Therefore, customers will clean the sweet potatoes before sorting. First Industry generally has two ways to clean sweet potatoes, one is bubble cleaning and the other is high pressure spray cleaning. Of course, the combination of these two cleaning methods is better, which will make the sweet potatoes cleaner. But if the sweet potato itself is not very dirty, you can also use one of the cleaning methods.


Some customers are concerned that if the washed sweet potatoes still contain moisture, it will affect the later storage.With this in mind, First Industry has specially designed and developed a dryer that can fully dry sweet potatoes to ensure that there is no residual moisture on the surface of the dried sweet potatoes.


Sweet potato can be sorted by size or by weight; the two sorting methods have their own advantages, you can choose according to your specific needs. Of course, professional engineers can also help you make the most suitable sorting scheme.