Chocolate sorting machine

Chocolate manufacturer from Malaysia looking for a machine to sort the over and under size panned chocolate.Because our grading equipment has not processed chocolate, so we asked our customers to send specific samples of chocolate.Sizes are similar with olives, but shape is oblate on one side like almonds.

panned chocolate

Diameters we measured are bellow 14mm, 15~18mm, +18mm, so we suggest a chocolate sorting machine with 3 size, it includes a small feeding hopper and roller grader. With converter you can change the speed, also you can set the sizes at each grade accordingly. With wheels at the bottom, this chocolate sizer is flexible to move and easy operation.Rollers are food-grade stainless steel.

Chocolate sorting machine

Customers were also worried about scratching the chocolate surface after grading.

The belt of thischocolate grading machine is soft and elastic, and we can also lay a PVC mat on the connecting board and the exit to reduce damage.



Tips: It's better to grade chocolate at low temperature. High temperature will cause chocolate to melt and soften, which is easy to damage.