The Most Popular Garlic Classifier In The Korean Market

After we sold several tomato washing and drying machines to Korea, our garlic sorting machine was also favored by Korean garlic farmers at the beginning of this month. As one of the major exporters of agricultural fruit and vegetable graders in Asia, we have always had a place in our importing country, South Korea, thanks to our superior geographical location, product sales and price advantages.

images/1660290664078garlic grader.jpg 

The FstSort brand garlic sorting machine has been working hard to make any small farmer or self-employed user a handy grader. You don't need a lot of processing capacity, you can adjust the running speed of the machine to decide whether to process 1000kg or 5000kg of garlic per hour. In addition, according to the size of garlic that needs to be retained by the garlic farmers, our garlic sizer will screen out some very small garlic, such as those below 30mm, which are convenient for final use. Our garlic farmers can consider purchasing additional drum spare parts as replacements when purchasing, which to a certain extent meets the needs of garlic farmers who want to sort garlic according to market demand.

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