How to protect the blueberry peel powder

As blueberry has high nutritional value, it is a big problem to ensure accuracy and protect the fruit powder of blueberry skin during the sorting process. FstSort company has many years of experience in developing blueberry fruit sorting machine, and has obtained the trust of many large blueberry enterprises according to the requirements and suggestions of customers.


The conveyor belt of the blueberry grader is made of soft food-grade materials, and the difference between the drum and the export transmission belt is smaller, which is more suitable for the characteristics of vulnerable to damage of blueberry fruit powder in the sizing process. Grading blueberries by drum classifier can not hurt the powder of blueberry skin, protect the anthocyanin of blueberry from damage, prolong the freshness of blueberry, and ensure the nutritional value and good market value of the fruit.

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