Hands free, Tomato Picking Robot has been developed

Recently, a US start-up company has developed a robot that can automatically identify fruit maturity by using artificial intelligence and pick tomatoes skillfully and lightly. According to the company's official website, its core feature is the application of artificial intelligence software to achieve "real-time detection of fruit maturity, soft touch picking, three-dimensional navigation intelligent mobile".


Using artificial intelligence technology, Tomato Picking Robot can identify the maturity of tomatoes and determine which fruits can be picked. It is said that its recognition efficiency is higher than traditional artificial recognition. During the picking process, the robot can drive automatically. Sensors and cameras are installed at the front end to act as "eyes". Two "fingers" like pliers on the manipulator arm can pick tomatoes with appropriate force, without pinching the tomatoes or breaking the vines. The robot has been tested commercially in greenhouses in the United States and Canada, and is expected to be used commercially on a larger scale next year.

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