Blueberry Sorting Machine Will Be Shipped to Chile

Due to the continuous counter-attack of the COVID-19 epidemic, the sea freight has been soaring, so that the manufacturing cost of our blueberry grading machine and other fruit and vegetable grading machines continues to rise. However, to be honest, blueberry grading machine is still loved with a group of blueberry growers and suppliers from Chile, Peru, UK, South Africa, Turkey and other countries. 


The blueberry grading machine is composed of a conveyor belt sorting table, a fan and a grading part. Through manual feeding, the fan blows away impurities, and the conveyor belt picks up secondary fruits and impurities, and then enters the grading part. Each grading roller in the blueberry grading machine is provided with round holes of different diameters, and they are evenly arranged on the roller (the grade closest to the feed inlet is the smallest grade, and according to the diameter of the holes on the roller, the second and the third are in order).


The blueberries enter the sorting part sequentially from the conveyor belt, and the size classification is realized under the action of the sieve drum, and the blueberries corresponding to the diameter of each drum will be conveyed to the user’s turnover basket by a conveyor belt with a corresponding outlet to complete the whole sorting. This blueberry grading machine will not cause blueberry fruit powder to fall and fruit damage during the screening process.